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Bryce Currey joined us this summer, working with Professor Thomas Birner "boundary hunting in the tropics". Bryce was a sophomore in Civil Engineering at Loyola Marymount University.

A number of recent studies have found evidence for a widening of the earth's tropical belt. Most studies focus on the annual mean zonal mean tropical belt width. The purpose of Bryce's research was to determine the geographical variability of the width of the tropical belt. With Dr Birner and Nick Davis, he studied how well defined the boundaries of the tropical belt are in both hemispheres as a function of longitude and season. The sharpness of the tropical boundaries as a function of longitude can provide information, which is otherwise hidden in zonal averages. He found that finding the tropical belt edge differs over land, water and season.

Bryce's research poster is here, Boundary Hunting in the Tropics.

Bryce calls Truckee, California his hometown and had a lot of fun in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. His interests lie in climate and climate change. He enjoys clycing, climbing, backpacking, slacklining, swimming and snowboarding.