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Marie-Christine Razaire is a junior at McGill University studying atmospheric and oceanic sciences with a minor in economics. She studied this summer under Professor Taka Ito and Dan Jones looking at the responses of the ocean carbon cycle to climate change using an idealized model.

Atmospheric and ice core observations have shown that pCO2 levels have been rising over the last two hundred years, while Southern Ocean wind stresses have been increasing since the 1980s. Marie-Christine's research focused on determining the oceanic response to rising pCO2 levels and increasing Southern Ocean wind stress. She and her mentors created a six box ocean-atmosphere model that incorporated the biogeochemical and physical processes as well as the air sea gas exchange. They then ran two model simulations (their control used current wind stress values while the second simulation doubled the wind stress values), to examine the impact of increasing Southern ocean wind stress. They then measured the ocean's response to this change in terms of carbon uptake, anthropogenic CO2 inventory, and surface pH.

She found that air-sea carbon gas flux varied widely to compensate for the increased wind stress, but there was globally little change in overall uptake. While surface pH values didn't change, there was a general trend towards increasing acidity. These findings can be used in the future to see if they correlate with actual ocean responses.

Marie-Christine enjoys rowing, watching movies and making ice cream. Her research interest is ocean-atmosphere coupling. Her research poster is here, Examining the Responses of the Ocean Carbon Cycle to Climate Change using an Idealized Model (1MB PDF).