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Liz Huddle spent the summer determining the parameters for an instrument called the mist chamber. The goal was to increase the efficiency of the mist chamber so that it could be used in place of a different instrument called a denuder. The mist chamber is an attractive alternative to the denuder because it is less time and labor intensive, is less expensive, and could potentially be automated.

Both the mist chamber and denuders were used to test ammonia and nitric acid concentrations. These are important things to measure because they have the ability to become a particle. Particles have adverse health effects and can decrease visibility so it is important to learn about ammonia and nitric acid.

Liz attends the University of Minnesota-twin cities with a major in chemical engineering. Her hobbies include being outside, snowshoeing, hiking, jogging and playing frisbee. She also enjoys reading and hanging out in coffee shops.