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Katie Riley worked with Dr Michele Betsill on her project "Mapping Emissions Trading of Greenhouse Gases," to research policy tools for dealing with global climate change. She examined the use of offsets (an emissions reduction, removal, or avoidance; or the difference between actual emissions and the projected baseline emissions) in more than 30 cap and trade venues globally. By comparing debates regarding offset criteria, limits, and project types, Katie began to summarize trends in the carbon offset market.

For the latter part of her internship, Katie used the information that she had learned about offsets to consider whether and how offsets could be used to promote sustainable development for the global poor. To summarize these findings, she created a hypothetical model of offset design that would allow wealthy, high polluters to support clean economic growth among developing countries and low income communities. Katie's research poster may be found here.

Besides her interest in sustainable development and environmental policy, Katie likes to run, dance, hike Colorado 14er's, do yoga, shop, bake, hang out with friends and have fun!