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Ernesto Findlay came to us this summer from Brooklyn, NY. He is a senior at the University at Albany where he is studying atmospheric science. Ernesto is interested in tropical and mid-latitude interactions and that is exactly what he got to study this summer under mentor Dr. Eric Maloney, investigating the tracks and origin of easterly waves in the eastern Pacific.

The east Pacific Ocean is the second most active hurricane basin in the world. Previous work suggests that the majority of tropical cyclogenesis events in the east Pacific are seeded by easterly waves originating from Africa. It is hypothesized in Ernesto's study that most of the easterly waves in the east Pacific are not linked to those originating in Africa but are initiated in-situ. Previous studies have provided evidence of different mechanisms that can generate these waves locally.

Ernesto's study focused on the origins and tracks of easterly waves in the east Pacific, with a particular focus on the Bight of Panama where Serra et al. 2010 showed an easterly wave genesis maximum. Ernesto focused on the months of June-November when easterly waves are most active. His research poster may be found here.

When Ernesto is not involved in academics, he enjoys baseball, bowling, ping pong and playing the guitar.