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Alli came to CMMAP this summer as a senior at Florida State University where she is a meteorology major. Her research interests are climate variability and tropical meteorology. She worked with Professor Russ Schumacher to determine what effects the Balcones Escarpment has on flooding in a part of Texas.

Flooding causes extensive damage as well as loss of life and property. According to NOAA, the United States 2003 to 2012 average of deaths due to flooding was 76 people per year. Total precipitation is proportional to the rate and duration of rainfall. It is also associated with the speed of movement and the size of the system causing the event. These variables are difficult to accurately predict. South Central Texas is susceptible to flooding. San Antonio is located along the Balcones Escarpment, a fault that separates the hill country from the coastal plains of Texas. Moist air often flows in from the Gulf of Mexico and ascends over the escarpment. Heavy rain and flash flooding is often attributed to the terrain and urban areas.

Alli investigated two flash flood cases and used a forecast model to try to determine how important the Balcones Escarpment is in determing the rainfall intensity and location of heavy rain events in South Central Texas. Her research poster is here: The effect of the Balcones Escarpment on forecasting major South Central Texas rainfall events.

Alli calls Miami, Florida her hometown. She enjoys running, exploring the outdoors, baking, and attending school sporting events and concerts.