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Albert learned a lot of data analysis this summer working with mentors Professor Thomas Vonder Haar and researcher John Forsythe.

NVAP has recently been reprocessed and extended to now span 22 years (1988-2009) while also removing past known biases. It makes for a much more accurate and reliable water vapor dataset. The dataset is broken down into three separate tiers, NVAP-M Climate, Weather, and Ocean, which vary in format based on user needs. NVAP-M is a blend of multisensor water vapor instruments which make for an excellent global water vapor dataset.

Albert investigated how tropical cyclone activity effects current global averages of total precipitable water (TPW). His research poster, Tropical cyclone activity and its effect on global averages of total precipitable water, may be found here.

While Albert is from Ithaca, Michigan, he attends Florida International University as a junior in atmospheric sciences. He is interested in cloud processes, remote sensing, severe weather including lightning, and tropical weather. Outside of academics, his hobbies include trail riding, longboarding, computer games and watching the sky.