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Abby is going to be a junior at the University of Maryland College Park. She is studying atmospheric and oceanic science. With her mentor, Professor Dave Randall and CMMAP researcher Melissa Burt, she studied arctic ice and cloud feedbacks in CMIP5 models this summer, which is the title of and link to her poster.

As CO2 emissions rise, warming in the Arctic is almost twice that of the entire globe. This dramatic warming is directly related to the decrease in September sea ice cover and thickness. Arctic ice acts as an insulator that keeps the ocean from warming the overlying atmosphere. Sea ice melt is driven by the ice-albedo feedback and potentially by changes in the radiative forcing of clouds. It is important to understand how ice and cloud feedbacks are related to better predict sea ice cover and thickness in future warmer climates.

Abby's research goal was to assess predictions of changes in Arctic sea ice cover and determine the main drivers behind these changes

Abby is from Franklin, Tennessee. Her research interests are coupled ocean-atmosphere climate modeling and cloud feedbacks. In her downtime, she enjoys running, reading, yoga and listening to music.