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Aaron worked with Professor Thomas Birner during his summer internship with CMMAP to find out if altering the definition of SSWs has an impact on the number and type of events identified as such.

The polar stratospheric vortex impacts the stratospheric ozone and couples with surface weather and climate. Its most profound dynamics - sudden stratospheric warmings (SSWs) - are not fully understood. Many authors alter the subjective thresholds of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) definition while presuming to discuss a similar set of events.

Aaron set out to answer the questions
  • Does altering the definition of SSWs impact the number and type of events identified?
  • Can the dynamical evolution of the polar vortex motivate the WMO thresholds?
His research poster is here: Dynamically motivating the definition of sudden stratospheric warmings.

Aaron is a junior this fall at Cornell University studying atmospheric science with an interest in atmospheric modeling and climate change. His hometown is Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. He enjoys backpacking, playing scrabble, djembe drumming and ultimate frisbee.